retro writing
vintage typewriter

Sitting against your desk you put your fingertips on these keys and being to strike one letter at a time putting your thoughts into words straight onto pieces of paper you can hold. The sound of each keystroke - so tactile and mechanical. You had to push the carriage back to it's place after each line; not knowing when to, the last word of your line would run out of paper.

You just wrote whatever you felt like at that moment. It's just you and your feelings and thoughts manifested. Raw emotions. You had no "backspace" to wipe it all out like none of it ever happened when you decide to change your mind to keep it all to yourself.

Moving forward in time. You had to pick up that cellphone and send that text (which meant SMS) at that moment when you felt like it. After hitting send there's no going back. You had no "unsend" when you changed your mind. All you could do was sit there and wonder if and when they will see your text, there was no "last seen". And if you don't hear back from them you would never know if they saw the message and left you hanging or they never saw it at all, there were no "seen" nor 'blue ticks'. There was only so much you could put into one text and you had to pay for each of them in some sense. It looks like, to me, there was a lot of commitment in sending each text message. And I guess we no longer do, thanks to creature comfort technologies.

Our emotions are meant to be expressed. And with all of these means in play, we no longer have a real conversation. All our emotions are filter and tailored behind these curtains before it's been presented.

While people thank the "backspace" and "unsend" for lesser heartbreaks I shall stand here surrounded by an air of melancholy, reminiscing other times of life.