Kodak Duaflex - An analog film camera

retro camera tech
looking through the viewfinder

There's nearly a 60 years difference between this camera and the camera that I'm taking this picture on. Time travel indeed.

This is a picture looking at the viewfinder of this analog film camera looking at the sunset from my terrace. Optical viewfinders for a long time have been eyepieces. But long before that they weren't eyepieces as in the viewfinder had to be at a certain distance from your eyes in order for you to focus on the image on viewfinder. They were called 'Waist level viewfinders'. Notice how the image is flipped horizontally. (Check next image) If you were to look anyway but dead straight at the viewfinder you wouldn't be able to see the image. It's pretty weird to compose a shot on this as you'd have to move counterintuitively - move left to look at what's on the right side of the frame.


But the look of the image just on the viewfinder, let alone captured on film, looks so good. It looks like those 90s VHS handheld home videos. With a prominent lens flair at the bottom; rustic. This 'look' is so nostalgic to me even though I haven't shot film myself. The image quality is pretty bad but yet it looks so beautiful and desirable. 'It looks like a damn Instagram filter, from a few years ago, in real life' (?) but heck this was what those filters were based off of!